Why Fear of Flying Shouldn’t Stop You From Travelling

Fear of flying aeroplane

Travelling somewhere new is an amazing experience as you get to explore new surroundings, different cultures and meet people from all walks of life. It’s also great for your wellbeing to take a break from your everyday life, whether that’s a 9-5 job, running around after the kids or escaping your studies. The fact that a new adventure is out there waiting for you should excite you enough to quickly start browsing the internet to see what deals you can get your hands on. But if you’re someone who has a fear of flying then it’s hard to feel that adrenaline rush that most people get. Instead, you’re faced with feeling anxious and stressed at the sheer idea of your flight, even if it is a short one. While there are other means of transport for you to get around such as trains, coaches and cruises, there’s no denying that flying is the easier option for travel, saving you lots of time and money. So, what can you do to help your fear of flying so that it doesn’t stop you and your travel plans?

Get to the bottom of your fear

Fear of flying, also known as Aviophobia, is a psychological condition. Trying to understand what is causing your fear will help you overcome it. Some people get anxiety over the thought of the plane crashing whereas others may be claustrophobic. Think about what is actually causing your fear of flying, then that will allow you to take the necessary action.

Distract yourself

During the flight it can be hard to think of anything except the situation you are currently in. Most people like to keep themselves distracted with a good book or in-flight film. I personally like to play games on my phone (in airplane mode of course) and listen to music or podcasts as I’m not a fan of reading while on the move. Before you know it, you will have landed at your destination.

Think positive

When you have a few hours sitting on a plane your mind can wander and thoughts can fill your head with what could possibly go wrong. It’s important that you identify these negative thoughts and try to tackle them. For example, if you sit in anticipation that you will experience turbulence during the flight, you are likely to stress yourself out. Instead, if you understand that turbulence happens because of air currents and that modern aeroplanes are designed to withstand everything from lightning strikes to gusts of wind,  you will feel more at ease that a bit of turbulence is not going to cause any real issue.

Limit your media intake

There’s been a few times when we’ve been away and something terrible has happened and has been all over the news. Before you’re due to fly and even while you are away, try to avoid any media coverage about planes or other terrible things that are happening. Most flights take off and arrive safely and the news only focuses on the flights where there’s a story to tell.

Hopefully these tips will help you on your next flight.

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