Blogmas Day 23: What I hope to achieve in 2018

Blogmas is drawing to an end which means the year is almost over too. 2017 has been a year of highs and lows for me personally but overall I’m quite looking forward to starting a new year. I’m not one of those ‘new year, new me‘ kind of people and I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions but I do like to set myself some targets of what I hope to achieve in the new year. Here are 4 of my targets that I hope to achieve in 2018.

Goals for 2018

Visit somewhere new

I really enjoy visiting new places and I think it’s important to explore the world one bit at a time. This seems like an easy goal to achieve given that I’m going to New York for the first time in 7 weeks but hopefully I’ll be able to tick a few more places off by the end of 2018. Even if that means visiting new places in the UK. Having gone to Edinburgh in September, it’s great to see cities so close to home with so much culture and stunning architecture.

Learn to drive

It’s true, I’ve managed to go my whole adult life without driving. I’ve always lived quite close to Liverpool city centre and even now, I still live ten minutes away so I’ve never really needed to drive. Plus if I’ve gone further someone else has usually drove so it’s not been an issue. But I feel now is the time I should start driving lessons and hopefully this time next year I will have passed my driving test.

Be more positive

I try and be a positive person generally, but sometimes it’s easy to slip into a negative way of thinking. This year I’ve been more positive and I do feel better for it so it’s something that I would like to continue in 2018. It’s better to be optimistic and it’s good for your wellbeing too.

Budget my money better

I’ve been attempting this for the last 6 months and failing quite miserably to be honest. The older I get, the more I realise that I probably should be budgeting my money a little better. So I need to come up with a better budgeting plan for the new year. I’m not too bad with saving money, it’s the money I set aside for the rest of the month that I tend to overspend on things I don’t really need. Having to cut through the city centre after work doesn’t help. So this is something that I definitely need to work on.

Hopefully in December 2018 I will be able to look back and say that I achieved my goals. Even if I don’t achieve them all, it will be a step in the right direction. What are your goals for 2018?

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