Blogmas Day 22: My Plans For Christmas 2017

Christmas can officially begin as I have now finished work for the year. What a relief. This time last year was pretty awful as I was made redundant in November, so I didn’t get to experience the joy that is finishing work for the year. I’m really lucky to be able to say that I can this year, especially as so many have to work over the Christmas period so I am truly grateful to be able to spend it with family.

Christmas time

This year Tom and I are spending Christmas with his family in Surrey. Since we got married in 2015 we alternate between Surrey and Liverpool. It’s not quite relax and unwind just yet though, as we still need to travel down but once we’re there then the festivities can start.

Travelling down south, we get to pass through London which is always lovely, albeit very hectic, even more so during the festive period. The town that Tom’s mum lives in is about an hour away from London and is rather quiet and quaint which means we get to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in Liverpool for a few days.

Christmas is more magical when there’s children around to enjoy the excitement of Father Christmas. We’ll be seeing our nieces on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day which is going to be lovely as they’re at that age where they’ll be so excited to see if Santa has been. And of course we’ll be following his journey as he delivers presents all over the world…

Christmas Santa Claus

During our time off work we’ll be spending time with my family too so we can all exchange our gifts, eat and be merry. It’s our first Christmas without my nan who sadly passed away in March this year. It’s going to be strange not having her there to celebrate with us. It makes spending time with loved ones extra special this year.

I can’t wait to spend all this festive time with both our families and I hope you all have a lovely time with your families too. Do you have anything nice planned over Christmas?

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