Blogmas Day 14: My Money Saving Tips This Christmas

I’m sure we’re all guilty of splurging out at Christmas, but it is just one day after all. The build up to Christmas can see a decline in our bank accounts as we rush around buying gifts for family and friends, enjoying lots of festive food and drinks and to top it off our social calendars get busier. I’ve come up with some simple tips to help you save money this Christmas.

Shop at discount stores

Do your food shop at places like Aldi and Lidl and you will see a huge difference in price but not quality. Quite often big brand products are made in the same factories as the cheaper branded items but are just labelled differently. It’s also worth checking out shops like B&M and Home Bargains for big brand names but lower prices. These shops also stock children’s toys so you could even find great gifts for the little ones.

Have a clear out

If you’re in need of extra pennies this month, why not have a look at the back of your wardrobe for things you no longer wear or items you have lying around the house that you no longer use? If they are in good condition you can sell them on websites like eBay and apps like Depop.

Christmas Saving Tips

Have a Christmassy night in

Christmas time is when a lot of us like to catch up with family and friends and we often meet up at the pub or for some festive food. Instead of going out (especially in the freezing cold weather) opt for a cosy, Christmassy night in. You can ask your guests to each bring something with them, like nibbles or drinks and put a Christmas film on and have a festive night in.

Organise a Secret Santa

Instead of buying gifts for all your extended family or big group of friends, opt to do a Secret Santa instead. That way, everyone will get a present and you will all be spending the same amount and saving at the same time. Set your budget and use a site like Draw Names to generate who you buy your gift for.

Use sales to your advantage

The sales are a good time to start looking for bargains. Things like wrapping paper, cards and decorations are usually slashed more than half price and are great for putting away for the Christmas ahead. You can even find great gifts both in-store and online, with sales starting as early as Christmas Day itself. Just remember where you put them the following year!

So there’s a few tips that will hopefully help you save some money this Christmas. Remember to not stress about money worries too much at this time of year. Do you have any money saving tips for the festive period?

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