3 Ideas to Make 2018 a Great Year

Now that we are in the full swing of the festivities of Christmas there is no surprise that our focus can move swiftly onto the new year and our plans for the next twelve months. You may be hurriedly making resolutions, deciding on travel plans or simply just focusing on getting through blue January in one piece. A lot of people have a bucket list, but have you ever thought of making one for a short term period, such as the next new year? It’s actually a fun way to try and incorporate different experiences into your life sooner than just thinking about doing something one day. Here’s some ideas that you could participate in next year. 

Do something epic for charity

Are you one of those people that looks on in amazement when people do special things for charity? Maybe they have climbed a mountain, shaved their head or simply worn a dodgy outfit for the day. Perhaps now is the time for you to make that change and do something yourself next year. It could be a coast 2 coast cycle in the UK, perhaps a sponsored walk or swim, maybe even walking a certain amount of steps within a certain time frame. There are plenty of inspiring ideas online, and this way you can support a charity close to your heart and do something worthwhile with your time. It doesn’t even have to be something grand, even organising an event at work or just doing something locally will be more than suffice to give you all of the satisfaction and benefiting a charity in the process.

Go to a place in the UK you haven’t been before

We live in a beautiful country, but have you really experienced every city, every glorious landscape the UK has to offer? With our varied coastlines and fantastic vibrant cities why not make 2018 the year that you see a place in the UK that you have never been to before? Maybe it’s a city and you fancy exploring with a city break. Maybe you just like the idea of visiting a different seaside location during the summer months. Perhaps you want to eat fish and chips beside the seaside, or climb up some of the mountains in Wales or the High Peak. The options are endless and too often we choose to visit Europe or head further afield instead of taking in our own country a little more.  

Do something you have never done before

I know this sounds ominous, but to list every possible thing you can add to a bucket list would have your reading this post till next week. But try and think about something you have never done before. Maybe it is an afternoon tea, perhaps you have never fully indulged in a spa day. It could be a road trip or going for a walk somewhere new. Make it your mission to do something you have never done before in 2018 no matter how small or insignificant you think it is. Have the knowledge that this time next year you will be reflecting on what has been another epic year.

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