Blogmas Day 9: Chester Christmas Markets

Each year I try to check out the Christmas markets that come to Liverpool. We’re lucky as we have two sets of them this year, one by St George’s Plateau and the other by the Pier Head. I’ve only been to the one by St George’s Hall so far and we chose the day that was full of rain, sleet and gale force winds but hey, we got a yummy Yorkshire Pudding Wrap so I’m not complaining about it too much! (I will stop talking about that wrap one day, I promise).

Yesterday we decided to head to Chester to check out their Christmas markets. I’ve been to Chester many times but never around Christmas time so I wanted to see it all lit up with lights and decorations. We must have a thing with Christmas markets and weather because yesterday it decided to snow for the first time this winter. With a few extra layers for warmth, we made our way to the heart of the city where we came across lots of traditional wooden chalets and a beautiful sparkling tree at the centre.

There were stalls selling gifts that you would typically find at European markets, such as hats, jumpers, slippers, wooden tree decorations, glass trinkets and keepsakes and gourmet gifts like cheese, sweets and fudge. Walking around looking at the stalls in freezing cold temperatures can build up an appetite but there were plenty of food and drink options too, like the Gin & Ale Bar, Bertha’s Pantry Pancake stall and a customary Hog Roast. My personal favourite is usually the pancake stall and I have to get a Nutella one but we didn’t get one this time. Another reason to go back though.

After we’d looked around all the stalls (I believe there’s 70 in total) we decided to do a bit of Christmas shopping. The snow was on and off and was mixed with rain so we took shelter in a lovely cosy pub called The Watergates, because where else would you take shelter in such conditions? By the time we’d finished our drinks the snow had come down again but was quickly turning to slush. I managed to take a few snaps before it quickly vanished.

Have you been to any Christmas Markets this year? Let me know what your favourite thing about them is.

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