Blogmas Day 6: My Christmas Destination Wishlist

I used to think the idea of going away for Christmas was absolutely absurd. However, as I’ve gotten older the thought of jetting off to another country for the festive period is becoming more and more appealing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about spending time with loved ones over Christmas but sometimes it can get a bit too hectic. I’ve been thinking; if I were to go away for Christmas, where would I go?

FINLAND Lapland Reindeer Sleigh with Santa2
Source: Eurotravelogue


Fir trees dusted with snow, sleigh rides with actual reindeers, cosy and cute log cabins and home to Santa Claus himself. I can’t think of anywhere more magical to spend Christmas than Lapland. A true winter wonderland that’s guaranteed to leave you in awe. Plenty of Christmassy activities to keep you busy, from skiing and snowmobiling across frozen lakes, telling stories by crackling open fires and even a chance to see the Northern Lights dancing across the skies. Sounds magical right?

Source: The Content Wolf


Although I visit the Christmas markets in Liverpool every year, I’m yet to visit any European Christmas markets. I think a good place to start is Germany, which boasts of a number of markets in Aachen, Dresden, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Nuremberg. Definitely spoilt for choice with those options! With snow covered market stalls selling beautiful handcrafted trinkets, sizzling sausages and plenty of Glühwein, it’s easy to see why people head to Germany for the holidays.

Source: Walks of New York

New York

Christmas in New York sounds like an absolute fairytale dream. Ice skating at the Bryant Park Winter Village ice rink, taking a leisurely stroll through Central Park in the snow, a tour of the dazzling fairy lights at Dyker Heights and of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas in New York without the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Seeing that 75ft Norwegian spruce (totally just wiki’d that) in real life would be so incredible. Also, I want the chance to channel my inner Kevin McCallister, minus the Sticky Bandits.

Source: Pinterest

Aspen, Colarado

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, in Aspen. Nestled away in Colarado’s Rocky Mountains, Aspen is a top winter destination known for it’s world famous ski area. I’ve never actually been skiing but the idea of a ski holiday over Christmas sounds like so much fun and something from a film or TV show. Away from the winter sport activities, Aspen has plenty more to offer such as luxurious spas and streets filled with boutiques. Wintry strolls are a must as the streets are lined with beautiful seasonal displays.

These are just some of the places I would like to explore around Christmas. Where would you like to go on your Christmas holidays?

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