Blogmas Day 1: Things I Love About Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, it’s the first of December which means for the next 24 days it’s nothing but Christmas everything on Fishbowl Life. I set up my blog earlier this year so it’s my first attempt at Blogmas. But if this means I can talk about non-stop Christmas related things for the whole duration then count me in. I absolutely love everything about Christmas. So for Day 1 of Blogmas, I thought I would share the things I love most about Christmas. In no particular order…


Christmas lights

A great silly Christmas activity is finding which house has their lights up first. And I must say, I spotted the first house mid-November. Which is a-ok with me. I would have them up all year if it were socially acceptable. Christmas lights lit up everywhere definitely make the dark winter nights bearable.


Tom and I have a tradition where we each pick a new Christmas ornament for the tree. I like to look around shops like John Lewis to see what Christmas themes they have, although I must say, our Christmas theme is kind of mismatch every year.


Christmas songs are the best. There’s nothing better than hearing the first festive tune on the radio, even though I’ve been listening to Magic Christmas non-stop for the last few weeks. You have to make the most of belting out All I Want For Christmas right?

Radio Times Christmas magazine

Christmas is not Christmas without getting the good old TV guide out and marking off what you want to watch over the festive period. Yes I’ve seen those Christmas films a billion times and yes I’m going to watch them again.

Christmas Films


Speaking of Christmas films, if you want to get into the festive spirit, simply put on a Christmas film. They’re super cheesy but they are an essential part to the holidays. Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

Mince pies

It still baffles me that some people have never tried a mince pie. Like, what do you eat at Christmas? I live off mince pies in the lead up to the big day. And then after the big day. Pretty much until the shops stop selling them.

Christmas crackers

Ok so the little paper hat doesn’t quite sit on your head right, and it tears within ten minutes of it being on (no? Just me? #bigheadproblems). And the joke is rather rubbish. And the little gift is pretty bad too. Wait, why do I like crackers again?

I could honestly go on and on as to why I love Christmas, but these are just some of the reasons why. What do you love most about Christmas?

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