A guide to The Perfect Break in London

London is quite a special city. It’s a bit like a mini country of its own where everyone is welcome. A rather unmistakable place when you see it on a postcard, no matter what part of it you see in the picture. A place that people flock to from all over the world, every single day. If you’re looking to visit and experience a place full of English history, English contemporary life and English culture then London is the place to go. To enjoy a perfect break in this delightful city, be sure to read on.

Planning is key

Before you arrive in London, you should ensure that your perfect London trip is fully organised. Although you can purchase tickets on the day, there are some tourist attractions that may require you to book in advance. Check your choice of attraction’s website to see if this is necessary. By booking in advance it will give you more time to actually enjoy London, rather than queuing up for ages in ticket lines. Another important thing to remember when planning your trip is where you will be staying. For a more luxurious stay why not take a look at short let apartments and find the vacation property that is right for you. When visiting London, you may as well do it in style, right?

Grab breakfast in the right place

When it comes to grabbing breakfast in London, there are two things you need to take into consideration: the quality of food and the busyness of the place you eat in. You want the food you eat to be great, and you don’t want to be too disturbed whilst eating it. A great place to try when working in these restraints is Terry’s Cafe, a classic, family-run community café. Head here for breakfast if you’re looking for 5-star food without the queues and waiting time of a 5-star chain.

Go back in time at Shakespeare’s Globe

If you want to immerse yourself in English history upon a visit to London, then heading to Shakespeare’s Globe is something you should be doing. Here, you can take a tour of the Globe, learning about Shakespeare, his playwright contemporaries and Elizabethan culture along the way. And you can even watch a play in the open roof theatre and feel what it was truly like to visit a playhouse in the 1600s here too.


Do some sight-seeing

When in London, you should definitely try to see as much of the city as you possibly can. Consider taking the hop-on hop-off tour bus which will allow you to see plenty of London whilst learning of its history. You could also take a trip on the London Eye and see everything from the Houses of Parliament to Big Ben (which is currently being refurbished) to Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. Or, if moving through the air isn’t really your thing, then you can still head up high and be very much in a rooted position by opting for a journey up The Shard instead.

So if you’re thinking about booking a trip to London, consider these points to ensure you have the best time.

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