5 Reasons to Visit Bali

The Indonesian island of Bali is one place that appears on a lot of people’s bucket lists and it’s easy to see why. Unfortunately, there isn’t nearly enough time to explore the whole world (if only there was). This is why choosing the best destinations for your travels is essential.

Here are just five reasons why you should consider visiting Bali.

Explore somewhere different

City breaks are great fun and I can’t wait to visit New York next year but it sometimes it’s nice to get away to a place that feels completely unfamiliar. From the language to the climate, Bali is a far cry from England, and it’s a good thing for your holiday. Vacations are about seeing and experiences things that you couldn’t ever achieve back home.

Lots of activities

Bali is far from tiny, but the 2,000 square miles means it’s possible to explore all of the major attractions in one trip. Despite the relatively small size, the island boasts a range of unique hot spots that will ensure each day offers a new joy. My sister and her partner visited earlier this year and they suggested that the Bali Adventure offer the best package deals online. With such a varied itinerary on offer, a trip to this part of Indonesia is sure to tick all of the boxes.

Beautiful scenery

Destinations with spectacular views are on most people’s wish lists. Bali is home to some stunning sceneries and wildlife while the sunsets are simply incredible. However, the fun and beauty aren’t limited to the land. The waters of the Bali Sea are perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling activities. The stunning sights are far greater than anything you’ll see back home or in Europe. For memories and Instagram photos, this is clearly a great place to visit.

It’s cheap

Time isn’t the only resource that’s limited, and money is an equally big concern for most people. When travelling as far as Asia, it’s not going to be mega cheap. Still, a quick search of Sky Scanner should help you find the best deal. Once in Bali, things like food and additional entertainment are very kind on your pocket.

Nearby to other hot spots

For many people, a week or two in Bali is more than enough to satisfy the need for adventure. However, with thousands of island on the doorstep, you may want to take in Jakarta or some of the other spots. Then again, some tourists may want to visit nearby nations to get a few more stamps in the passport too. Either way, Bali is a great place to form the focus of a bigger adventure. Even if you don’t take that option, there’s no doubt that Bali will be the trip that you’ll never forget.

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