5 Less-Known European Countries You Really Should Visit

When it comes to choosing a European country to visit, most people are naturally drawn to the more popular destinations like Spain, France and Italy. And while there is plenty to discover in each one of these places, why not go somewhere a little different? If you’re struggling for inspiration for your next holiday, here are five countries that you could visit which don’t attract the same amount of tourists that flock to the more traditional destinations.


A visit to Slovenia is usually a surprise for people expecting it to still possess the same communist-era qualities of its neighbours. It’s actually a lot more modern and westernised than you would think, with some of the most stunning natural scenery you will find anywhere on the continent. The capital city, Ljubljana is beautifully green and made for walking around or sitting at one of the street cafes. Not far away is the stunning Lake Bled, which has a beautiful church sitting on an island in the centre.


This tiny country is nestled in-between Spain and France, but it is often overlooked in favour of its larger neighbours. It is a great time to visit right now for winter sports and stunning scenery, so take a look at Andorra ski holidays. Essentially, this is a wonderful place to visit for people who love the great outdoors, and it’s proof of the saying that good things come in small packages!   

Bosnia and Herzegovina

This nation has endured one of the most tragic histories in modern Europe, but it is now a very safe and beautiful country to visit. The capital of Sarajevo almost feels like you’ve wandered into a city much further east with its mosques and Turkish-style markets, but it’s a very relaxing place to spend a couple of days. The other main tourist attraction is Mostar, most famous for its magical bridge which people jump from in the summer months, plunging into the river below.


While its neighbour, Croatia is very much on the tourist trail these days, many people bypass Montenegro. But this tiny country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches – just check out Budva during the summer. The stand-out destination is definitely the Bay of Kotor. With its historic old town and mountain-backed bay, you will no doubt come away from here feeling dazzled.


In the heart of the Balkans, Macedonia has plenty to offer to its visitors. The capital city of Skopje is one of the strangest that you will visit, with plenty of sights that seem like that have been ‘copied and pasted’ from other more famous destinations. The jewel in the crown is Lake Ohrid, a huge expanse of water that also crosses over into neighbouring Albania.

If you want to see a different side to Europe, a trip to any one of these countries will do the job nicely. Plan a trip and you won’t be disappointed.   

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