3 Destinations to Consider When Booking Your Next Holiday

Beach holidays are one of the most divisive travel topics among those of us who live with a burning wanderlust. Some people think that beach holidays as the most clichéd holidays imaginable. It’s fair to say that this somewhat derisive attitude fails to take account of the fact that some coastal destinations have a lot more to them than just sun, sand, and sea.

If you’re one of the sceptics regarding beach holidays, you may take some convincing that beach holidays can actually be worthwhile. In an effort to change your mind, let’s look through some European cities with beach resorts; starting with the familiar, and getting more esoteric as we go. After reading through this list, you may well have a new appreciation for the cliché of a beach holiday, and potentially even be planning a trip for yourself.

Brighton, UK

Being an island, Britain has got plenty of seaside destinations to choose from– so why should you pick Brighton? The answer is simple: Brighton is a seaside with a difference.

Classic buildings, such as the Brighton Pavillion, provide plenty of interest for fans of architecture, while a walk along Palace Pier will appeal to the cultural historian in you. The pier has been a location for a diverse range of films, such as Carry On At Your Convenience and Quadrophenia. Furthermore, if you visit in May, you can experience the Brighton Festival; live gigs, stage shows, and an open market will provide more than enough interest to keep you occupied.

Marbella, Spain

It’s easy to picture the immediate reaction to the idea of Marbella as an “esoteric” holiday destination. How offbeat can a place be when it’s been featured on The Only Way Is Essex?

As it turns out, there’s something for everyone in this Costa Del Sol paradise. A stay at luxury apartments such as Jardin Del Mediterraneo will crush any assumptions you had about the beach-and-party-only culture of Marbella; you can then head to Puerto Banos and charter a yacht to see the stunning coastline from the water. Luxury awaits in this seaside resort, with an endless supply of sunshine to be enjoyed while you’re there.

Portoroz, Slovenia

Slovenia is perhaps one of the most underrated holiday destinations in Europe. Along with the idyllic town of Bled, Slovenia also hosts one of the continent’s best beach destinations in Portoroz. Spas offering mud treatments allow for blissful rest and relaxation so you can be in the right frame of mind for the rest of the holiday.

As for the rest of your holiday, you’ll want to take the time to spend a night at the Palace Hotel, which is noted as the most luxurious hotel on the Adriatic. If you’re concerned about your budget, don’t be; the hotel is very affordable compared to UK prices.

In the evenings, a drink or a meal at a cafe on the edges of Tartini Square will round off the day in style. Slovenia may be a little known gem, but it’s one you’re going to want to experience.

So as you can see from the list above, seaside resorts and beach holidays can be truly fantastic. Do you think any of these will tempt you?

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