5 reasons to Visit the Three Counties

England has a plethora of beautiful places to visit, but by far one of the most beautiful locations is situated within the three counties. The three counties are made up of Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire. All three locations are generally very rural, and have spectacular views and places to visit. Here’s a five reasons to visit the three counties.

1. Malvern hills

The Malvern hills are no exception to beauty. The town is full of hilly and windy roads, but if you decide to take a hike to the top of these hills your breath will be taken away by the amazing views you will be presented with. On one side you’ve got views of Malvern and Worcester, and if you turn around you’ve got beautiful countryside views of Herefordshire. Another bonus of the hills is that there is no charge to walk along them, and there are many water springs that you will come across that are totally safe to drink from.

2. Ledbury’s old style town

If you decide to venture into Ledbury, you will be amazed by the Tudor style buildings and cobbled streets that the town has to offer. Situated not far from the Malvern hills, a trip to Ledbury will take you back in time and give you an insight to how our towns and cities used to look hundreds of years ago. One incredible feature of Ledbury is that many of the shops are shrines to items and the history of the town, so there’s definitely plenty to see.

3. Upton’s riverside pubs and cottages

Heading more towards Worcester, you will come across a quaint town called Upton which has the river severn running through it. Alongside the river are an array of pubs and cottages which allow you to relax by the river, and watch the sun set over the Malvern hills. If you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, Upton is definitely a place you should visit.

4. Evesham’s stunning accommodation

Evesham is renown for it’s amazing hotels and lodgings. While the three counties offers a wide choice of accommodation, it’s recommended to visit a hotel in Evesham at least once during your stay. Much alike Ledbury, Evesham’s hotels are packed full of history and offer nothing but pure style and comfort for it’s guests.

Morgan Motors

5. Morgan Motor company

A popular tourist attraction within the three counties is the Morgan Motor company factory. Within this factory is where all of the magic happens, and each car is handmade to perfection. What makes the car so unique is the wooden chassis, compared to other cars which use other materials. The factory is open to guests and you can buy yourself a tour from one of the experienced guides. Definitely worth a visit if you’re planning a trip to the three counties and somewhere I’m thinking of taking Tom.

So as you can see, these are five excellent examples of why you should visit the three counties. Next time you’re planning a trip, you should definitely consider visiting. 

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