Alternative Things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool Albert Dock

It’s well known that Liverpool is a thriving city with plenty to see and do. There’s a great shopping centre, beautiful waterfront and my personal favourite, the amazing Albert Docks. But sometimes doing the same things over and over can get a bit boring so I’ve put together a list of things to do for an alternative Liverpool experience. If you live here or are planning to visit soon and want to do something different then keep reading.

Navigate your way through Williamson Tunnels

If you’re looking for something quirky to do, why not visit Williamson Tunnels and learn a little about one of Liverpool’s quirkiest characters John Williamson? The eccentric businessman created the tunnels between 1810 and 1840 but the reasons as to why is still unknown. Take a guided tour through the tunnels and passageways and hear the different theories as to what Williamson could have been planning.

Climb to the top of the Liverpool Cathedral

You may have seen the top of the cathedral from various spots around the city but have you actually gone to the top and had a look around? I’ll warn you now, the stairs are killer (you do get a lift to a certain point) but the views of the city from 300ft are totally worth it.


Venture the grounds of Speke Hall

Check out this Tudor style manor house with a twist of Victorian thrown in. It’s based in Speke and has spectacular, restored gardens which you can explore. Speke Hall has a variety of events throughout the year so it may be worth checking what’s on.

Have an alternative afternoon tea

If you’re looking for something other than boring sandwiches and scones, check out The Baltic Social’s take on afternoon tea. You’ll be sure to be leaving full to the brim after you’ve stuffed your face with slider burgers, Frankfurters, fries and Oreo chocolate brownies! Not to mention the cocktails come in teapots and teacups.

See the Philharmonic Orchestra perform live

Ok so I know a live orchestra isn’t for everyone but they do some pretty cool events where you can go and see a classic film such as Back to the Future and the orchestra perform the score live. If BTTF isn’t your thing they’re also showing It’s a Wonderful Life, Beauty and the Beast and Jaws.

Tuck in to a delicious takeaway

You know how you see those food places with people queueing up outside for ages and you think is it really worth it? Well Chop Chop is one of those places and believe me, it is definitely worth it. If you’re looking for somewhere different to eat, check this place out. It’s situated on Fenwick Street and is take-out only but they do serve up a variety of amazing Korean and Japanese dishes that you need to try. Let me recommend the Chicken Ball. You can thank me later.

Chop Chop Chicken Ball

Visit a secret bar

When my friend took me to this hidden bar I was very sceptical as she knocked on what looked like a random boarded up black door on Berry Street. We waited a few minutes before someone opened the door and welcomed us in to Berry & Rye. With an impressive cocktail menu and very knowledgeable staff, it’s surprising they want to keep this a secret. There were plenty of people inside the small room and the atmosphere was great.

Learn about the most famous band on the planet

You’ve probably stopped by the Cavern Club on Matthew Street and posed next to the John Lennon statue but have you visited the Beatles Story? A whole museum based in the Albert Dock that is dedicated to Liverpool’s most famous musicians. The museum guides you through the history of the band from their early days in Hamburg to Beatlemania to when they split up. Even if you’re not a Beatles fan, there’s plenty to see and the audio guide you’re given throughout the tour explains everything you need to know.

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