5 Thrilling Films to Sink Your Teeth Into This Halloween

Spooky Halloween

With Halloween being on a Tuesday, people are likely to have made plans for the weekend before, which means people will be digging out their scary, horror films in preparation for the big night itself. I’m not a fan of films with unnecessary violence and gore, like Saw and Hostel so I’ve picked out my 5 Halloween films that I will be watching this year.

Addams Family Values

It’s not Halloween without the most morbid family in existence, the Addams family. I actually prefer the sequel, Addams Family Values as the plot is better than the first film and Joan Cusack is brilliant as Debbie, the new nanny and Uncle Fester’s love interest. While Wednesday and Pugsley are sent away to summer camp, Debbie and Fester get married. She stops him from seeing his family and tries on several occasions to kill him, failing each time. Realising something is wrong at home, the kids try to escape camp and save their family.


Nosferatu is an old school silent horror which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this is an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, so you know it’s going to be bloody (not literally) good! Thomas Hutter is sent to Transylvania to visit a new client, the creepy Count Orlok at his cryptic castle. Hutter soon suspects that Orlok is Nosferatu, a vampire who the locals had warned him about, but is it too late for him to escape the evil clutches of the mysterious Count?


I don’t usually fall asleep before a film ends but the first few times I watched Beetlejuice I did just that. That’s not to say Beetlejuice is a boring film, it’s anything but. It’s about a couple who die in a car accident and find they are now ghosts haunting the new family who have moved into their former home. The couple are informed they need to remain in the house for 125 years and must scare the new family away which they are unable to do, so they seek the help of a rowdy and rude spirit named Beetlejuice…


If you’re into true crime you’ll definitely want to watch Zodiac. The film tells the story of a serial killer during the late ’60s and early ’70s in San Fransisco who called himself ‘Zodiac‘. Investigators and news reporters become obsessed in trying to find out the true identity of the killer. Zodiac taunts the police with encrypted letters, blood stained clothing from his victims and ciphers which were sent to local newspapers. This is one of America’s most infamous murder mysteries and will be sure to send you down a true crime rabbit hole.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

People often question whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is more of a Halloween or Christmas film, but for me it’s definitely one for Halloween. I recommend you watch this last because it gets you ready for all the Christmas films (yay)! If you’re not too familiar with it (I’m sure everyone is) it’s about Jack Skellington, pumpkin king of Halloween Town who stumbles upon Christmas Town. Enthralled by all the joy and warmth Christmas brings, he tries to take it back to his beloved Halloween Town which is sure to end in disaster.

What will you be watching this Halloween?

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