September Through My iPhone

Liverpool Liver Building

I can’t believe we’re at the end of September already. Although that means we’re that much closer to Christmas (my countdown is well and truly under way!) September was definitely a lot better than August. I managed to squeeze a bit of travelling in and try a new restaurant and coffee shop which is always a winner, right?

We went to Delifonseca for food. It’s one of our favourite places to go for breakfast and lunch as the food is always incredible. They have a food hall that stocks a wide variety of craft beers and you can buy locally sourced produce from their in house butcher.

I visited 92 Degrees Coffee on Hardman Street for the first time which was lovely. It’s a local independent coffee shop. If you’re in the area and you love coffee I would definitely recommend it as they make a bloody good latte.

If you’ve read my last few posts you’ll know that we went to Edinburgh for a weekend and had the most amazing time, even with the miserable weather! You can read more about our visit here and here.

Autumn is officially here and the trees are starting to show hues of orange. I love it, although I’m not loving the rain every day. I’m also slacking in my partaking of a Pumpkin Spice Latte, I’ve only had one so far…

We’d been wanting to visit Yard & Coop for months and finally got round to going. The food was really tasty and the decor was fun and quirky. Their halloumi nuggets are so good. The place definitely runs with the whole chicken theme, even having seats in a chicken coop and giving you the bill in an egg carton.

There aren’t many benefits from the darker nights that are vastly approaching but walking home past the Albert Dock is definitely one of them. Look how pretty it is!

West Kirby is somewhere I’d never actually been despite living close by my entire life. We popped along one Sunday and took a stroll along the marina. We saw so many dogs which was just perfect. There’s a pathway that allows you to walk along the lake and it looks like people are walking on water. So cool.

We went to the newly opened Head of Steam on Hanover Street and were actually surprised with how nice it was. The transformation from how it looked previously as the Abbey was impressive as was their selection of beers. However, £6 for a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon was far from impressive! Stick to good ol’ Brooklyn.

So that was my September. I visited quite a few new places this month and hopefully I’ll visit some more in October. What did you get up to during September?

2 thoughts on “September Through My iPhone

  1. I’ve never seen anyone do a post like this, so I love this post because it’s super creative! I love all of your pictures, but particularly the food ones! Lovely post that was unique and an easy read!

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