Autumn Fashion Favourites

September is here which for me signals the end of summer and the start of autumn and I couldn’t be happier about it! Like everyone else on the internet, I love autumn. My favourite part of autumn is that it starts getting cold again, hallelujah. This means that I can get my cosy jumpers back out and my usual lazy style of throwing a top on with a pair of jeans comes back into fashion.

Joanie Collar Dress – Lace Up Ankle Boots – Topshop Jamie Jeans – White Peplum Top – Green Check Shirt – Cord Skirt – Cream Jumper – Adidas Campus Trainers Burgundy

Every year I’m on the hunt for a pair of good boots that will last me through the wintery months ahead and I’m loving these lace up boots from New Look. I’ve been stalking them online as they currently don’t have my size (sigh; average size feet eh). Here’s hoping they get more stock in.

You need some transitional pieces in your wardrobe for this time of year because the weather changes from hot and stuffy to cold and wet before you know it. The white peplum top from New Look is perfect. It still has a summery look about it but the long sleeves will stop any chill.

Autumn Wishlist

Noisy May Blue Jumper – Denim Pinafore – Floral Print Dress  – Red Cable Jumper – Slip On Pumps – Red Stripe Dress – Navy Cable Jumper – Striped Jumper

I love a good jumper. I’m all about the cable knit which is an autumn staple for me. I’m really loving the blue number from Noisy May. It’s not really a typical ‘autumn’ colour but team it with a pair of trusty Topshop Jamie Jeans and some comfy trainers and you’re good to go.

Speaking of comfy trainers, as I’m sure you’ll know I love a pair of Vans or ten… These pumps from Matalan are so similar and are only £10! Absolute bargain I know. They go with anything as well, jeans, skirts, dresses. Lazy style at its finest.

For those rare days when I can be bothered to put something on other than jeans and a top, I’ve eyed up these lovely dresses from Joanie Clothing. You’ve probably seen fashion bloggers on Instagram rave about this company and it’s easy to see why. They have some amazing jumpers too!

So there’s a few things I’m hoping to pick up in the next few weeks. What are your key autumn pieces?

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