Chelsea Flower Show 2017

This post is a little overdue but at the end of May, Tom and I went to London to attend the Chelsea Flower Show. For those of you wondering what that is, Chelsea Flower Show is the most famous gardening event where top garden designers, plant specialists and florists alike put on a fabulous display of show stopping gardens and floral exhibits.
This year saw the introduction of the Radio 2 Feel Good Gardens which were based on the five senses. There was the Chris Evans Taste Garden, Jo Whiley’s Scent Garden, the Anneka Rice Colour Cutting Garden, Zoe Ball’s Listening Garden and the Jeremy Vine Texture Garden, which just so happened to be designed by Tom’s brother-in-law, Matt Keightley.
The show is run from Monday to Saturday and we went on the Friday and it was still super busy which is not surprising considering it has over 150,000 visitors yearly! It was a really hot day in London, so we decided to escape the heat by heading into the Great Pavilion which is a 12,000 sq. meter marquee filled with more than 100 exhibits from nurseries and florists across the world.
There were so many displays to admire but the one that stood out for me was the Easigrass animal-themed life size sculptures which included bears, an elephant , a giraffe and even a dachshund!
Anyone who knows me will know I’m obsessed with penguins, so when I saw this little guy I just had to get a photo! I can’t go anywhere without making a fool of myself and this event was no exception. I leaned in to take a photo of said penguin, only for it to almost topple over with me on top. Luckily I have reflexes like a cat and jumped back to my feet before anyone saw (or so I keep telling myself.)

This was my second time visiting the Chelsea Flower Show and although I consider myself a garden-novice, there was plenty to keep you entertained and everywhere you looked you had to get your camera out to take plenty of snaps (everything is pretty much an Instagrammers dream!) With so many unique gardens it’s obvious why it draws so many people in every year.


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