Lunch at Bodean’s

Last week the husband and I were down south visiting family and doing various Bank Holiday related activities. This obviously included eating lots of food, but what weekend of mine doesn’t? We ventured into The Big Smoke (London) on Friday as we were heading to The Chelsea Flower Show (more on that later) and after countless photos of Big Ben and the London Eye we decided to mosey on over to Bodean’s in Covent Garden.


For those of you that have never heard of Bodean’s it’s a BBQ Smokehouse that does THE most amazing burnt ends ever. They have eight branches in total but sadly, they are all based in London and as we don’t visit the capital that often, we had to take advantage.

I’ve been a few times before so had an idea of what I’d be getting but this time we were going for lunch, so I had to give the big, juicy burgers a miss. Instead we both opted for the BBQ Burnt Ends & Pulled Pork Combo which was A-mazing. Tom went for sweet potato fries and I had regular.

BBQ Burnt Ends & Pulled Pork

The burnt ends had a rich, smoky flavour and were so juicy and tender that the meat felt like it was melting in my mouth! The pulled pork was tasty, but I like to add lots of barbecue sauce for extra flavour and went for Bodean’s own Hot Chipotle.

Although the food was very filling I’m not one to pass up the chance of looking at the dessert menu as I have zero willpower when it comes to chocolate fudge cake, which just so happened to be on the menu…

Chocolate Fudge Cake

As we were there for lunch, and not wanting to be too much of a pig, I chose the Dessert & Coffee Special Combo –  a half portion of Chocolate Fudge Brownie and a latte. Let’s not forget it was Bank Holiday Weekend and calories don’t count… right?

Bodean's Latte Coffee

If you’re interested in visiting Bodean’s, they have a huge selection of meat dishes and even some vegetarian meals on the menu too!

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