Breakfast at Space Coffee

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, hands down. Especially on weekends when I have more time to make something a little fancier. Going out for breakfast is even better. There’s four places in Liverpool that I always head to, so when I found out about recently opened Space Coffee, I got really excited!

Space Coffee don’t have a website but their Instagram page was enough to convince me that I had to check it out. Although predominantly coffee (clue’s in the name) the photos of their monstrous milkshakes and hefty hot chocolates won me over. The fact they served breakfast was an added bonus.

Breakfast at Space Coffee

The food menu is quite limited, but when someone is as indecisive as myself, that’s not such a bad thing! I opted for the bacon on brioche and added a poached egg and boy, it did not disappoint! The brioche was buttery, the bacon was cooked to my idea of perfection (well done but not too crispy) and the poached egg oozed its yolky goodness when I bit into it! Yum!

Tom went for one of his favourites; smashed avocado and poached eggs. This came with salad and chives sprinkled on top which Tom said could have done without but it still went down well. After he eyed up my breakfast, he said he would definitely go for the bacon on brioche next time.

Breakfast at Space Coffee


By the time we’d finished breakfast, it was about half 11 and I kept looking up at the drinks menu contemplating whether it was too early for one of their milkshakes (it wasn’t!) There was a few to choose from; Unicorn, Mega Mint and Cookie Monster. As amazing as they all seemed, I chose the Cookie Monster milkshake which was basically heaven in drink form. Seriously, it was so good! Made up of milk, syrup ( I want to say chocolate), whipped cream, broken cookie, broken Oreo and blue sprinkles, it was delicious!

Breakfast at Space Coffee


The food at Space Coffee is reasonably priced. My breakfast was £4.95 and Tom’s was £5.95 and the mega milkshake was £4.75. Space Coffee is located in Aigburth and I think if it were more central to the city centre, it would cost a lot more. If you are local to Liverpool, you should definitely pay them a visit as they also offer sandwiches, salads and a variety of cakes.


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