Why I decided to start a blog

Hello and welcome to Fishbowl Life. My name is Nicola and I’ve decided to give this whole blog thing another go. Since about 2012 I’ve attempted to write a blog several times and each time I gave up after a few posts, mostly because I thought that no one wanted to read about what I was writing or because I felt I had to write about certain topics that just didn’t interest me. So why am I blogging again?

I recently started a new job that is very blogger focused and because I’m looking at other people’s blogs all day, it kind of inspired me to start my own blog. Again. And hopefully this time I will stick with it. I also read blogs in my spare time. If you’re interested in some of my favourite bloggers I will list a few at the end for you to check out.

I love to write and I love anything food, fashion and beauty related, so I decided a lifestyle blog would be the best route to go down, as I can throw a bit of everything into the mix.

There are loads of blogs I enjoy reading, but here are five of my favourite’s:

List your favourite blogs in the comment section so I can check them out.


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